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Hiring Trends to Keep Up on as an Employer to Stay Competitive

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  • Discover the most popular hiring trends today
  • Uncover the importance of these trends for employers looking to hire
  • Increase your chances of attracting the best talent to your business


The world continues to change at a fast pace. From the emergence of new technologies to shifts in attitudes toward work and family life, change is the true constant.

Parallel to these changes, trends in talent acquisition continue to evolve, which means employers have to be prepared to adapt. A variety of factors can influence these trends, such as changes in societal priorities, cultural adjustments, and the evolution of technology. Hiring managers who remain on top of these priorities are better equipped to engage interested job seekers and find the best candidates to fill their openings. These priorities can help human resources professionals create offers that appeal to qualified candidates.

This article will cover some hiring trends you should keep in mind as you look for employees to fill your job openings.

The Importance of Staying Up on Hiring Trends

The talent you have within your company drives your success. Sometimes, employees even become the face of the organization as they interact with target markets and customers. They can also drive your business’s innovation, sales, service, and marketing. So, you want to make sure you have the best employees working for you.

To do this, it’s important to stay on top of hiring trends so you know what employees expect from their employer. Then, you can tailor job postings, hiring processes, and even benefits packages to attract the best candidates.

Not sure where to start, though? Take a look at the Joblist Blog for resources on attracting and retaining qualified applicants.

Current Hiring Trends to Consider

The changing landscape, including the impact of the pandemic on work culture, has resulted in the emergence of a few new hiring trends that hiring managers should pay attention to. Below are some current trends to consider.

Remote and Hybrid Work Options

The pandemic forced many professionals across almost every industry to leap into working from home. Companies had to learn how to manage teams with everyone working in a different location. Even with many countries loosening restrictions and everyone looking toward a post-pandemic world, the value of remote work has become a priority for many businesses and employees alike.

According to Forbes, as many as 74% of employees expect remote work to become a standard part of the business world moving forward. An incredible 97% of workers also reported that they don’t want to return to the office full time.


People have come to value the flexibility that comes with working from home. So, businesses need to recognize and support this initiative when possible. If your company can function with employees working remotely, incorporating this into your business model might be a good option.

Remote Worker Benefits Packages

The growth of remote worker benefits packages has also caught the attention of many employees. Remote workers often have unique needs, such as setting up a home office. They also may not have the natural comradery of working in an office, such as meeting in a coffee room for occasional breaks during the day or visiting the company gym.

Benefits that help recreate these opportunities for remote workers, such as gym membership credits and virtual coffee times, can help increase the appeal of your job offer. These can be listed with more traditional benefits, such as health care benefits, on your job postings.

Use your benefits package to demonstrate that you care about your employees and won’t allow remote employees to become disconnected from the rest of the team. Including team-building activities, offering mental health support, and including fun perks — like a meal delivery service — can also help show that they’re an important part of your team regardless of their location.

Creating a solid benefits package can not only help attract top talent, but it can also help with retention. According to ArmadaCare, nearly 80% of employees report staying with a job due to the benefits offered. So, pay attention to the benefits that matter most to your team.

Virtual Hiring Processes

The virtual hiring process has naturally grown in popularity as businesses and employees alike see the value of technology in expanding the workplace. Businesses are no longer restricted to hiring people who live in the same general area. Instead, they can use remote hiring processes, coupled with remote work, to hire the best talent regardless of location. Virtual interviewing through platforms like Zoom make it simple for businesses to tap into the power of virtual recruiting and find the right candidate for their opening.

It’s important when using this staffing strategy, however, to focus on cultivating a personal touch. When candidates can’t meet with managers in person, it can be easy for the experience to feel less personal and result in less buy-in from everyone involved.

So, be sure to find a way to make the experience feel more valuable and human, similar to how you would with in-person hiring strategies. Don’t allow the process to just run through automation; instead, reflect your employer branding. Everything from being attentive, dressing appropriately, to remaining in touch with candidates throughout the hiring process can help cultivate connections despite the distance.


Once you complete the interview process and have an offer accepted, you can proceed with a virtual onboarding process for people who are remote. Keep employees engaged with personal touches and offer them plenty of opportunities to ask questions, as you would if they were onboarding in person. The internet offers incredible adaptability, but you must make sure it gets used correctly.

Sign-On Bonuses

As businesses work hard to attract talent, they need to fill their positions. Signing bonuses have become a common tactic to encourage people to apply and accept an offer. Signing bonuses provide you with a means of telling job candidates that you value them and want them to accept your offer to work at your company.

Sign-on bonuses have become increasingly common across a wide range of industries. Retailers, supermarkets, and Amazon warehouses have all increased the number of signing bonuses offered as they compete to attract the top candidates.

If you want to offer a signing bonus for your job opening, research what’s done in your industry or for similar positions across different industries. You can use this perk to stand out from the crowd when posting your job listing and let candidates know you’re serious about creating a positive experience for your employees.

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Employees today have made it clear that they value inclusion and diversity when evaluating their workplace. A diverse workplace is generally considered to be someplace which hires a wide range of individuals. Race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, age, and background are all factors which contribute to a diverse workplace. According to, 76% of employees say they value a diverse workplace when looking for a job. Additionally, 80% of respondents to one survey reported they valued inclusion in their place of work.

Employees know that a diverse and inclusive workplace can create a more pleasant working experience for everyone involved. It can help promote an exchange of ideas and encourage fresh thinking, driving companies toward success.


So, make sure your recruitment process reflects the importance of cultivating an environment where diversity and inclusion are welcomed. Let new hires know about your culture of communication and acceptance. Help them quickly find their place within the organization so they can adapt and feel like members of the team. Acknowledging the holidays of all major religions on the company calendar, focusing on diversity in your recruitment process, and purposely cultivating a company culture where everyone feels respected can help create an environment that candidates are attracted to.

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