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How to Find The Right Construction Administration Job For You

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The construction industry employs nearly 11.2 million people in the United States, offering those engaged in this sector a chance to work in an exciting and ever-changing job.


Like many other industries, the construction industry has begun to incorporate an increasing amount of analytics and data into its processes. This numerical insight guides city construction and offers information to upgrade buildings, making this an interesting time to get involved with the construction sector. The field continues to grow and change as professionals uncover new best practices.

Those who are interested in finding full-time construction administration jobs will find that these positions can offer an exciting and rewarding field of work. No two days are exactly the same, as the construction crews produce different buildings and projects in a variety of environments. It will serve as the perfect fit for countless workers who enjoy the challenge and opportunity to grow professionally on the job.

We’ve put together helpful information for those interested in learning more about how they can find their place within this sector.

What Are Construction Administrators?

Construction administrators cover a wide range of responsibilities to keep various projects and crews operating efficiently and producing outstanding work. These leaders in project management help manage a considerable amount of behind-the-scenes tasks needed to keep projects moving forward. Some of the administrative duties that might fall under this full-time job description within the related field would be:

  • Helping with estimates, construction documents, potential change orders, submittals, and budgeting for projects, allowing companies and teams to make bids for certain projects and get hired for new jobs
  • Understanding the technical information involved, and acting as a project coordinator managing and staffing other professionals who might also need to work on the job site, such as engineers, estimators, or architects
  • Managing material procurement as well as staffing such as subcontractors and related laborers needed for particular projects
  • Remaining up-to-date on building codes and monitoring projects to ensure they abide by these regulations

Those in construction administration can work in several types of environments along with the construction crew, depending on the project at hand. You can find these professionals building homes or commercial buildings, creating bridges and other engineering features, or even helping excavate certain construction sites.

Construction crew leaders will work easily with a variety of professionals, such as project engineers, project architects, and carpenters. Understanding the jobs that these different workers perform and the communication skills needed to help with tasks as well as what the team needs to accomplish will be an important part of the job description.

Job listings seeking professionals for construction administration job types might be under the “administration” umbrella, but they might also use other job titles, such as “general contractor,” “contract administrator”, “project administrator,” “construction office manager” or “construction project manager.”

With the skills and management abilities of construction managers or administrators, they also can earn a salary that has a median of just over $95,000.

How to Become a Construction Administration Professional

The construction field offers a few routes for obtaining a construction administration job.

  • Associate Degree. In addition to bachelor’s degrees, those who want to enter the field can also study for a two-year associate degree. This degree also helps to teach many of the important principles needed in construction. Potential applicants can earn an associate degree in a variety of fields related to building and development, such as construction management.

  • Bachelor’s Degree. There are several specialties in which an emerging professional can obtain a bachelor’s degree, which will provide them with a considerable amount of training and credentials needed to secure the management-level job they want. These degrees often include construction science, engineering, or architecture.

  • Working Up From Entry-Level Jobs. Dedicated construction professionals may also be able to work their way up from full-time or part-time entry-level jobs to management-level positions with the right motivation. By working directly in the field as a construction administrative assistant or in an administrative support role, these employees can learn how to manage projects and can begin to take on more responsibility until they become qualified to serve as an administrator.

Even outside of these different degrees, many of the skills needed to succeed as a construction administrator come through years of experience. Those interested in the field should be prepared to learn a lot about the industry while working on the job. They will learn about the management styles and skills that fit well with the rest of the team and more details related to the jobs that they need to organize and execute.

The construction field continues to mature and change with new construction, technology, and insight. Quality managers know that their learning will never stop.

Finding Construction Administration Jobs

Those looking for the right full-time or part-time construction administration job will find that they have a few different tools they can use to expand their search and find the perfect position for their skills and construction experience. Listed below are the steps we recommend to help professionals find their next construction administration job.

Consider the Type of Job and Environment Where You Want to Work


Construction can be a broad term, referring to crews who handle jobs ranging from building a house to digging a tunnel. Those who want to work in the field should consider the type of construction they would like to specialize in. If they have a background or talent in working with wood and carpentry, for example, leaning toward positions that will allow them to focus on building might work well.

Certain construction companies and teams also fill more “generalist” roles, taking on jobs in a variety of different niches within the sector. Each person preparing to enter the field should keep these different jobs and environments in mind.

Decide Where You Want to Work

Construction crews work across the country, which means that construction administration jobs are available in every state. How common jobs within the field are, however, can vary depending on location.

Those who want to increase their chances of finding the right position and are open to moving might want to consider relocating to one of the states with the most jobs in the sector. These include the following states:

  • Texas has 34,560 jobs for construction managers, which is the equivalent of 2.78 jobs per 1,000.
  • California has 32,830 jobs for construction managers, which equals 1.89 jobs per 1,000.
  • Florida boasts 23,820 jobs for construction managers, which is 2.71 jobs per 1,000.
  • North Carolina offers 13,500 jobs for construction managers, or 3.03 jobs per 1,000.
  • Illinois has 13,040 jobs for construction managers, or 2.16 jobs per 1,000.

The number of jobs available within a given state will change depending on the demand and availability of construction projects in the area. For example, several additional states to those above have a high amount of construction activity, including New York and Georgia. Anyone interested in finding a job in the sector needs to carefully watch the states that appear to want to develop and build in the area. Trends in special projects like residential construction, government contracts, and development will all offer insight about where to look for construction administration jobs.

Speak With Others in the Industry

As with any career field, speaking with others in the construction industry can play a valuable role in finding the right position for you. Those who already have a job in construction can help supply you with important insight about finding the right job posting based on your talents and experience, including making recommendations about companies or crews. They can also serve as references and points of contact as you prepare to apply for the positions that appear to be the most promising.

If you know people who already work in construction, learn more about how they got their start and the advancement path available within their company. The more you can learn about what makes a construction worker valuable to the team and how to help your resume stand out when preparing for an administration position, the easier you will be able to succeed in securing the new job you want.

Look Online for Job Openings

Finally, once you have gone through the other steps to prepare yourself for your construction administration job, using online job search engines can be an excellent means of uncovering this type of management position in your desired area. You can use a high-powered search engine such as Joblist to sort through various job openings and learn more about the positions available.

Narrow down the open jobs to the ones that fit your unique needs, skills, and personality. This will help you find the right fit.

Find a Construction Administration Job Today

The construction field offers a wealth of excitement and opportunity for those who enjoy the industry. Finding a construction administration job can provide many talented professionals with a career path that suits them well. Consider the information and advice for finding such a job above, and see how Joblist can help you find your next career.

Just answer a few short questions, and we’ll create a personalized set of job alerts. We want your construction administration job search to be as unique as you are.

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