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Interested in Remote Work? Here's How to Find Remote Temp Job Opportunities

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There are some circumstances when temporary employment is necessary or preferable. A temp job is one with a clear beginning and end that’s clearly stated in your employment contract. It’s a job that is performed for a short period, without the benefits provided by full-time employment or a long-term position.

What Are the Benefits of a Remote Temp Job?

There are many reasons someone might search specifically for a temp job. If you’ve been out of work for quite some time, temp positions allow you to get your feet wet without having to dive right back into the workforce. It gives you a chance to hone in on your skill, and see if that particular job or industry is the right career path for you.

What’s more, if it turns out that you enjoy the position and demonstrate strength, temp jobs have the potential to turn into a full-time position. In fact, according to Forbes, one-third of temp or contracted workers have been offered permanent jobs at their place of temporary employment.


Another scenario where it’s a great idea to be employed temporarily is if you are in between jobs and currently applying for full-time positions. You might be asked what you have been doing since your last job on an application or during an interview. Offering up your experiences with temp jobs shows initiative and commitment to a positive work ethic. Additionally, temp jobs allow an easy opportunity to network with other professionals and recruiters.

Couple these advantages with the benefits of a remote position, and you have the makings of the ideal temporary position. Working from home has a multitude of positive effects on employees, including increased productivity and performance, fewer mistakes and defects, and stronger employee engagement.

Companies who offer remote positions also prosper, as there is shown to be less turnover due to workers having more flexibility, and higher profitability because there is no overhead or need to spend money on things like work supplies, coffee, and snacks for the break room.

Ready to start your search for remote temp opportunities? Let’s take a look at what remote temp jobs are available and how you can find them.

What Types of Remote Temp Jobs Are Available?

Temp jobs can span across many industries, but the most common examples are working for a company during periods of high productivity, working during specific seasons, and working as a freelance or independent contractor.

Being employed as a remote temp worker during a period of high productivity could entail working for a business that needs extra assistance during a big marketing campaign or promotion. Perhaps they need help with social media, sending out flyers and brochures, or making phone calls. All of these tasks can easily be done from home.


An example of a seasonal remote temp job would be working for a large retail company during the holiday season in customer service to assist with the increased number of calls during this peak time of year. Many virtual call center companies may employ temp workers during these high-volume periods, and you would be able to take these calls from the comfort of your home.

Freelance and independent contractor remote temp job examples include web design, graphic design, writing, and consulting.

Three Ways to Find Remote Temp Job Opportunities

1. Search Online

List your skills and experience before looking for remote temp jobs, and then think about potential positions that could fit those descriptions. You could check out specific company websites if they have any current positions open for temporary jobs or do a broad search for remote temp job opportunities through online job boards.

Many of these websites will allow you to simplify your search based on key terms and filters so that the results will only show remote temp job positions available. You can also enter phrases such as temp jobs, remote temp jobs, contracted work, work at home, work from home, remote, telecommute, virtual, online, and online jobs, for example — to find jobs that fit these descriptions.

At Joblist, you can type in these specific key phrases to find all of the best remote temp jobs compiled in one organized, easy-to-digest list. You can also sign up to receive email alerts whenever a new opportunity becomes available.

2. Use Social Media

In addition to job boards, social media platforms are also a popular way to search for jobs. One study found that 35% of respondents found job openings through social media. Using social media is even more popular with younger job seekers, as 41% have used this option to search for work.

You can use social media much like you can job boards, utilizing the same key phrases and terms within the “Jobs” section offered on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. Job seekers should also turn to social media to check in on the specific companies they are looking to apply with.

Businesses will often post relevant articles and news on their social media channels. By following their accounts, you can get a glimpse into the company culture and see if it’s the right path for you, even if it is only for a temporary position.


The first place to start when searching for jobs through social media is LinkedIn. This platform has over 690 million users from over 200 countries and territories all over the world, offering various services and features geared toward professional networking, job recruitment, and job searching. Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date, as there are times that employers may seek out potential employees before even posting the job opportunity.

When your profile reflects your current skills, experience, and work ethic, it won’t be hard for an employer looking for someone to fill a remote temp job to find you and send you a message regarding the position.

Facebook is another social media platform that allows for job postings to be shared. What was once an online platform primarily to stay connected to friends and family has expanded to so much more than that.

Just as with Joblist, you can subscribe to receive alerts when new job postings are available. An easy application will be available right within the job post, allowing you to apply instantly, or you can save the post and come back later.

3. Seek Out a Temp Agency

If searching through various job boards and social media to find remote temp jobs sounds overwhelming, you’re in luck — there are temp staffing agencies that can do the searching for you.

Businesses will contact temp agencies when they need an employee to fill a specific temp spot, and these agencies will provide them with the right employee that fits their requirements. The temp workers are technically employed by the agency who placed them and are paid by the agency to do the temp work, instead of the employer. There are general temp agencies that work with all kinds of professions and industry-specific temp agencies.

It’s very easy to apply to a temp agency. Submit your resume to your agency of choice, fill out an application, and schedule an interview. After you have been accepted, the temp agency will be able to match you with any current openings that fit your skill set and work from home preference.

Your Remote Temp Job Is Right Around the Corner

If you take the initiative to reach out to a temp agency, take advantage of social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, and browse through job sites like Joblist, you will be met with a wide variety of remote temp jobs that fit your skills, experience, and preferences.

Joblist will provide you with a list of the best remote temp jobs available, gathered from various job boards to help streamline your search. To find jobs on our site, search by keyword, location, industry, or job title. It’s that simple. One click of a button, and you’ll instantly have access to millions of job opportunities.

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