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10 Different Industries to Find Your Next Remote Writing Job

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The digital age has ushered in a new era of remote work, and the field of writing is no exception. If you're seeking a remote writing job that aligns with your interests and skills, you're in luck! There are numerous industries that offer exciting opportunities for remote writers to thrive.

In this guide, we'll explore ten diverse industries where you can find your next remote writing gig. Whether you're an experienced wordsmith or just starting your writing journey, these industries have something to offer for everyone.

1. Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies typically emphasize the visual and front-facing components of businesses, and part of the creation of any company’s image is its language. Written logos, catchphrases, and even tones of delivery can become synonymous with a given company, and there is a need to have writers on hand who can support that established branding.

People working together in a marketing agency.

Not all remote writing jobs for marketing agencies entail the same kind of writing. Here are a few positions you may frequently see available:

  • Copywriter: Copywriters are responsible for writing the verbiage on advertisements, brand logos, and company communications.
  • Brand Copywriter: As a brand copywriter, you’ll build a recognizable and distinct brand language that connects with an established audience through the creation of website copy and voice guides.
  • Direct Response Copywriter: You’ll write sales copy targeted at eliciting an immediate response from the customer, compose product descriptions, and generate sales through marketable text.

As most marketing firms aim to build customer-centric online brands that have a global appeal, many employ large pools of freelance writers from all over the world. A trend toward data-informed customer experience means that most remote writing jobs for marketing agencies will come with clear guidelines for writing.

That said, this is also a job field where a tremendous amount of creativity can reign supreme, and writers can enjoy the benefits of that.

Interested in marketing?

2. Law Firms

As the world of litigation never stops for anything, loads of remote writing can be found within the legal field. Many law firms now feature blogs that are updated daily with information about cases that are currently under investigation, details about specific legal loopholes, client success stories, and general legal news.

Young man having virtual meeting with other professionals.

You could write for a law firm in any of the following ways:

  • Client Communications: You’d draft the emails and correspondence between the lawyers and their clients.
  • Legal Secretary: A legal secretary draws up firm-specific documents on basic legal practices, fees, and methodologies.
  • Legal Assistant: As a legal assistant, you will type a lawyer’s notes, legal briefings, evidence reports, and correspondence with local governments.
  • Litigation Paralegal: Litigation paralegals are in charge of legal research, briefing cases, and drafting memos as related to specific requests made by a lawyer.

Many law firms now offer remote writing jobs that pertain to subscription or social media marketing campaigns. This means you could be the one to write their daily Facebook and Instagram posts, keep up their newsletters, and generate their strategized online presence.

Interested in the legal field?

3. Blogs & Content

With everything from major department stores to indie record labels embracing the popularity of lifestyle branding, remote writing jobs in blogging have never been easier to find.

Young woman working on a laptop.

Blog writers are typically responsible for making daily, weekly, or monthly posts about topics and events specialized by the supervising company or blog owner. Many blog owners may also seek a remote editor or proofreader to go through their writing and check for errors or adjust for better fluency.

You will see many jobs in the realm of search engine optimization (SEO) writing wherein your job would be to generate articles for a client company in such a way that the company becomes a top-featured hit on Google searches. You might be asked to compose career publications or articles on company policy for distribution within the company or to consumers at large.

Of course, you can start your own blog if you feel like you have a unique and marketable idea. Starting a blog is typically low in cost and fairly easy to maintain. If you can increase your readership to a place where advertisers take notice, you can make a decent salary this way.

Interested in writing content?

4. Sales Teams

A new world has opened up for remote writing jobs in sales, as companies find fresh ways to stay afloat during the current economic climate. Writing for sales can entail cold email copywriting, insurance data writing, customer onboarding emails, and drip marketing email campaigns. The language and style utilized by each company differ, and these positions might be available on a project-by-project basis.

Young man working at laptop.

Other ways that the sales field creates remote writing jobs is via emails that companies use for cross-marketing and upselling. Companies are seeking writers who can write copy that drives both new and old customers to them rather than their competitors.

This may mean reaching out to former clients with new offers for accessories or warranties, drafting specified advertisement copy meant for time-sensitive discounts, or even generating feedback surveys and templates in which customers can offer their input to the company on why they did or did not make a purchase.

Interested in sales writing?

5. Customer Service

If you are looking for remote writing jobs that give you a dose of human interaction and connectivity, customer service holds a wealth of opportunity.

Freelance business women using tablet working call video conference with customer in workplace at home.

Customer service needs data analysts, data entry operators, and travel reservation agents. This industry also includes a good amount of digital day-to-day proximity to clients and customers.

The ability to develop successful relationships with customers through the personalized management of a product or service could mean your day is mostly spent writing helpful and attentive communications between your parent company and its clients.

This kind of writing relies heavily on soft skills and the capacity to know what to write — and how to write it — in a way that pivots per individual need. Many remote customer service representatives are responsible for writing up customer complaints, orders, refunds, exchanges, and other nuances of product interaction.

Your job may revolve a great deal around the phone and accurately recording verbal information in a written format.

Interested in customer service?

6. IT & Technical Writing

Don’t let the terminology fool you. You do not have to be a tech wizard to enjoy a remote writing job in the field of IT. Companies that service everything from gaming to international businesses are seeking writers who can break down complicated strings of verbal data into more digestible reading bites for the masses. Technical writing is also needed in the fields of medicine and automotive.

Young woman working at a laptop.

Your next technical writer job could come in any of the following forms:

  • How-To Writing: You will be responsible for writing the user manuals for electronics, appliances, games, and even pharmaceuticals.
  • Smartphone and App Technical Writing: You will create written user guides or explanations for basic digital procedures and even explain cutting-edge technology in layman’s terms.
  • UX Writing: You would be responsible for generating all of the text that a user would encounter when enjoying a product and ensuring that it aids in their ability to use the product how they wish.

For those who consider themselves more technically inclined, there is also a host of work in the software engineering and development side of technical writing. These positions could see you writing character dialogue for a video game or the code that makes the game possible.

Interested in technical writing?

7. Translation Services

One area of remote writing work that has seen a dramatic upswing in recent years is translation services. The globalization of business has made being bilingual highly profitable.

Young woman signing from her computer.

There is a heavy demand for translators, interpreters, and transcribers in several of the world’s major languages. Remote workers fluent in Mandarin, Spanish, and Arabic can enjoy an even greater increase in job availability.

This kind of writing can be done for organizations like the United Nations down to local businesses that want to capitalize on new markets. You might be transcribing virtual business meetings between CEOs, creating film captions, or performing sign language translations via video conference.

Interested in translation services?

8. Education & Tutoring

As more and more schools develop new ways to engage with students on a digital level, remote writing jobs in education have boomed. Some companies hire writers to generate assessments, lesson plans, and various certification syllabi. Others focus on writers who can create an online presence for the school that contains not just powerful language but also corresponding audiovisual content.

A woman teaching english remotely.

E-learning platforms are looking for people to write virtual keynotes and webinars. Social media management and administration also lend themselves to distant work, so others are seeking workers who can handle communications and internal template creation. Writing tutors who can navigate online corrections and manage written instruction are also gaining popularity.

Interested in tutoring or education services?

9. Finance

You may fear there are no remote writing jobs for people without a finance background. This is not the case, as many banking institutions, financial advisory corporations, and other investment firms now seek the same online presence and digital communications methods that other industries have capitalized on.

Businessman working on his laptop computer sitting in office.

Writers are hired to keep up-to-date product reviews, useful recommendations, and personal finance catalogs that are accessible to the general online readership.

Many companies now have dedicated sections on their websites for evergreen articles about financial markets and news about savings or stock trends. If you know and have demonstrated a written ability to create educational pieces on financial topics, you could be writing content that would then be repackaged for YouTube or an e-book.

Interested in writing about finance?

10. Proposals & Grants

Of course, some remote writing jobs represent more stability, as they remain impervious to many of the changes that affect other industries. One such job is grant writing. Nonprofits, charity groups, and many other global organizations always need grant writers to keep them on the cutting edge of available funding.

A remote worker is working form home and sending a report on laptop while smiling at the camera.

A typical grant-writing job entails duties like:

  • Writing budget narratives
  • Initiating and maintaining communications with staff
  • Developing grant reports
  • Researching qualifying funding possibilities

Remote writing jobs in grants can also mean ensuring accurate records and overseeing grant calendars for large business entities. You may even be asked to develop materials that show program progress and deliver donor updates.

Interested in grant writing?

Turn Your Remote Writing Job Into a Career

Remote writing jobs are likely to become the new normal for many people who never imagined writing for a living before. With more companies coming to view remote writing work as a sound option, the number and diversity of companies offering remote work will continue to grow.

Joblist specializes in connecting bright professionals with valid and meaningful remote work offered by the top companies all in one place. Joblist takes the guesswork out of initial searches for remote writing jobs and can help you locate a career that most fits your qualifications.

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