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Klawock, AK Jobs (6)


Air Traffic Controller

Klawock, AK


Klawock, AK

Front End Manager

The North West Company
Klawock, AK

DENTIST - SignOn, Relocation, Geographical Allowance & Provider Retention Program

SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium
Klawock, AK

Emergency Room (ER) RN

NTG Groups, LLC
Klawock, AK

Lineman Apprentice

Alaska Power and Telephone
Klawock, AK

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The population of Klawock, AK was estimated to be 720 in 2022. The median age of the Klawock population is 44.5.

Klawock, AK Education

  • High School Graduate: 52%
  • Some College: 26%
  • Associates Degree: 10%
  • Bachelor's or Higher Degree: 12%

Workforce Participation Rates by Education

  • Less than High School: 39%
  • High School Graduate: 69%
  • Some College: 81%
  • Bachelor's Degree or Greater: 64%

Unemployment Rate by Education

  • Less than High School: 77%
  • High School Graduate: 13%
  • Some College: 10%
Estimated education data based on residents over 25 years old in Klawock, AK. Employment data based on residents age 25-64.

Klawock Job Market

Getting a job in Klawock, AK should be more straightforward than the media convinces you to believe. Despite what the economy is doing, there are indeed jobs in Klawock, Alaska. In fact, right now there are 6 Klawock, AK job openings ready for your application and resume today. Instead of trying to peer through the glassdoor of your current manager, apply to a career path in Alaska which gets you a seat at the table. Or as the economy is changing, send in your resume to one of the numerous gig economy jobs in Klawock, AK, such as Taskrabbit or Clutter.

Whether you are looking to help others in the health care, personal care, or non-profit industries of Klawock, AK, or are seeking a traditional Klawock, AK career path in finance or business operations, Joblist has a job opening for you to elevate your Alaska career.

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