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Careers as a Delivery Driver

Delivery drivers help transport small shipments of goods from one place to another. Some popular industries for delivery drivers include food services and postal services. On most occasions, deliveries are distributed to businesses and households. Because all delivery drivers are required to transport goods using an automobile, a valid driver’s license is required for this role. Other responsibilities of a delivery driver include delivering items on time and reporting any incidents that may occur on the road, in addition to respecting traffic laws.

Key Responsibilities / Daily Routine

  • Transporting goods from company facilities to delivery destinations
  • Loading and unloading cargo
  • Maintaining vehicles and filling up gas tanks
  • Following rules of the road
  • Reporting any road incidents that may arise

Training, Certification, or License Needed

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Valid driver's license
  • Clean driving record preferred

Top Skills

  • Responsible driving
  • Time management
  • Physical strength

How much does a Delivery Driver make?

  • Median Hourly Wage: $15.78
  • Average Hourly Wage: $17.75
  • Average Annual Salary: $36,920

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