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Exploring Cannabis Industry Jobs in Seattle, Washington

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Although the Seattle cannabis industry is still in its early stages, it shows promise – largely thanks to the state of Washington legalizing cannabis. As there are no official figures, it’s difficult to see the full impact the cannabis industry is having in Seattle just yet. However, according to Forbes, Seattle is one of the best places to find jobs in the cannabis sector.

There’s also some evidence that the growing industry is impacting the restaurant sector. Owners say kitchen workers are increasingly turning to grow houses for employment opportunities. In fact, the cannabis industry hasn’t grown so much that one of the local colleges has begun offering a medical Marijuana Consultant certificate program.

While it’s clear the city is rife with opportunities, where should you start when looking for a job in the Seattle cannabis industry? We’ll explain where to find jobs in the local area and give details about some possible options.

Legal Requirements

Before you read any further, we need to explain the legal requirements surrounding the cannabis industry in Seattle. Cannabis is legal in Seattle; however, there are limitations on where you can smoke it and where you can open any marijuana products.

The basic rules include:

  • You must be 21 years or older to have or use retail marijuana.
  • Driving while high is illegal.
  • Consuming marijuana in public is illegal.
  • Taking marijuana out of the state is illegal.
  • Purchasing marijuana from establishments that are not licensed is illegal.
  • Taking marijuana on cruise ships or federal land is illegal.

You can find more detailed information on legality here.

Jobs You Can Expect to Find in Seattle

There’s a huge selection of local jobs. These vary from entry-level positions to more advanced jobs like consultancy. As detailed later on in the article, there’s also a demand for ancillary jobs like attorneys and consultants.


You’ll find growing, trimming, and budtender jobs being advertised regularly. As the industry grows, driving, packaging, security, and account management positions will become more common too.

If you’re looking to gain experience in the cannabis industry, you could also consider an internship. This would get you on the first rung of the ladder and give you industry experience.

Jobs in the Seattle Cannabis Industry

Some positions you’ll see advertised in Seattle recently include:


Seattle-based store the Lux Pot Shop has recently put a call out for full and part-time budtenders. The job involves serving customers, handling money, cross-selling products, and tracking marketing.

This position offers education training to build your industry knowledge, which makes it an ideal starter job for anyone looking to start a career in the cannabis sector.


Understandably, security needs to be tight around cannabis stores and manufacturing plants, so there is a demand for security staff.

As well as providing physical security for the premises, this role may also involve checking IDs.

Order Fulfillment

With the edibles market growing and the ease of online ordering, companies are often looking for order fulfillment staff.

Dispensary Specialists

The average salary for a dispensary specialist in Seattle is $155,035, but like other roles, this varies depending on skill level, experience, and certifications.

Director of Accounting

Responsibilities for this role include managing an accounting team, doing financial presentations, and managing everyday accounting tasks like payroll and taxes. Applicants will also need a clear understanding of current tax regulations and be in compliance with local tax laws.

Ancillary Positions

The thriving cannabis industry is also good news for companies playing supporting roles. Jobs that are becoming more common include:

  • Publicists
  • Attorneys
  • Software companies
  • Manufacturers

How Much Can I Earn?

Just like the positions, pay rates vary too. While cannabis workers earn a median salary of $52,863, the highest paying jobs can bring in around $125,000 each year.

Start a New Career in the Seattle Cannabis Industry

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to work in the cannabis industry, even if you don’t have experience. Entry-level positions like bud trimming provide an ideal start to increase your understanding of the industry and to decide if it is the right career for you.

For the more experienced, you may be well-suited to working in the cannabis industry if you have transferable skills. Positions like accounting, marketing, and edibles chefs are being advertised regularly, and for you, this could mean an exciting new career direction.


Whatever position you’re after, the personalized search tool at Joblist can help you find the right one. Browse available jobs by industry, position, company, and location to see millions of results custom to your needs. And don’t forget to set up daily job alerts – new positions are added every day, and with this handy feature, you don’t have to worry about missing a thing.

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