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Blog/Trends/Exploring Various Cannabis Industry Jobs in Denver, Colorado

Exploring Various Cannabis Industry Jobs in Denver, Colorado

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Jobs in the cannabis industry are becoming mainstream in America. Back in 2016, figures showed the cannabis industry fueling jobs in manufacturing and retail. Since then, the industry has continued to grow. According to another study, the American cannabis industry is expected to add around 414,000 jobs by 2021.

While some American states have struggled to grow their cannabis sectors, Colorado has had no such problem. The state surpassed $1 billion in cannabis-related revenue in 2019. In addition, 2019 figures from the Department of Revenue show there are 2,917 licensed marijuana businesses in Colorado and over 40,000 licensed workers.


As revenue grows, so do the employment opportunities for a wide range of workers, regardless of their experience levels.

If you are just starting out, you can look for entry-level positions like bud trimming. However, if you have transferable skills, there’s a much larger variety of jobs open to you.

In a minute, we’ll look at some of the cannabis industry jobs in Denver that could be ideal for you, but the first step to working in the industry is obtaining a Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) Badge.

Applying for a MED Badge

A MED badge is an occupational badge. It gives you permission to work for MED licensed sellers.

To get your license, you can apply online directly from the Colorado government website. There, you’ll also find information about laws and regulations, which you may find useful.

As with other states, there are also two main regulations in Colorado:

  • You must be over 21 or over to work in the cannabis industry.
  • You must be a legal citizen of the state.

Different Cannabis Industry Jobs in Denver

There are some jobs you’ll see being advertised regularly in Denver. These include positions for.



As you might have guessed, budtenders act like bartenders. They serve customers in medical and recreational dispensaries. Although bud tendering is an entry-level job, many employers will expect bud tending staff to have some industry knowledge.

The job involves helping buyers choose the right strain to meet their needs, but to do so, you’ll need a good understanding of any local laws and regulations. You must also understand different strains and their effects.

Personality-wise, you should be much like the local bartender, with good interpersonal skills and a positive attitude.

On a national level, salaries for budtenders range from $31,000–$42,000, with an average of $36,000 a year. Typical hourly rates are $11–12 plus tips.

In Denver, the average salary is $35,351.

Bud Trimmers

This entry-level job doesn’t require any experience; however, you’ll need some basic knowledge so you can identify strains and not trim the marijuana flowers incorrectly.

The role may also involve weighing cannabis and putting it in bags. Typical pay starts at $12 per hour.

Cultivation Technicians

As a cultivation technician, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Sowing
  • Weeding
  • Watering
  • Feeding
  • Pruning
  • Transplanting
  • Other tasks related to the growth of healthy plants

You would also be responsible for keeping insects and other perils at bay, and for the harvesting of the plants.

You should also have some understanding of cloning, transplantation, and germination.

Delivery Driver


In 2020, Colorado introduced a new law allowing the commercial delivery of cannabis. While the initial passing of the law related only to medical cannabis, it will be extended to recreational cannabis in 2021.

If you’re considering this job, you must also be up to date on the rules for transporting cannabis plants.

Delivery drivers carry a mix of products, including edibles, beverages, and flower, then deliver these products to customers’ doors. Other driving jobs may involve delivering prescriptions for dispensaries.

Depending on the company you work for, you may also need a GPS system and to be a car owner.

Another thing to consider is any state regulations and whether you need doctor-authorized medical marijuana or any other certification.

Whichever driving job you take, you’ll need a clean driving license and no criminal record.

Retail Staff

This role means giving advice to customers and patients who visit a store, answering questions, and handling sales.

Retail staff will need to keep up to date with rules and regulations and understand the strain profiles for a range of products.

These retail roles may need cannabis industry experience or at least detailed product knowledge.

Non-Manual Work

Aside from manual work, there are many opportunities for staff to work behind the scenes. Some of the most recent vacancies advertised in the Denver area include:

  • Tech sales executive
  • Graphic designers
  • Staff accountants
  • Wholesale representatives

Finding a Job in Denver’s Growing Cannabis Industry

As cannabis becomes more mainstream, it’s becoming easier to find jobs in Colorado. At the time of writing, there were 56 cannabis jobs advertised on Joblist.

Other options for finding work include:

  • Job sites. Regular job sites are increasingly featuring jobs in the cannabis industry. Many of them offer entry-level jobs. However, if you’re more experienced, there are many possible roles you could consider.
  • Specialist job sites. There are several sites that focus on vacancies in the cannabis sector.
  • Local companies. Check out local cannabis company websites. Jobs are often advertised on these sites, or you can send a speculative resume.
  • Online forums and discussion groups. Try and find a forum local to you. They may know about jobs that aren’t being widely advertised.

Start Your Search

The cannabis industry in America is growing strong, and Denver is one of the states benefiting the most. Whether you’re looking for your first job in the cannabis industry or searching for a more advanced position, there is a job out there for you.

Delivery, cultivation, and retail workers are in demand, while budtenders and bud trimmers are needed too. It’s safe to say the cannabis industry in Denver is looking bright, and the time may be right for you to find your perfect job on Joblist.

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