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Blog/Guides/How to Apply for Government Jobs in Colorado and Get Hired

How to Apply for Government Jobs in Colorado and Get Hired

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  • Government agency jobs can offer many benefits for employees
  • The right tips can help your application stand out from the rest
  • Applying for government jobs can differ slightly from private sector jobs


The state of Colorado offers an exciting place to live for people who enjoy the great outdoors. Many residents live within driving distance of their favorite outdoor activities, such as skiing, hiking, and mountain biking. Meanwhile, popular cities like Denver offer exciting nightlife, an abundance of restaurants, and plenty to see and do. The state offers something for everyone and continues to draw professionals from around the country.

Those who love all that Colorado has to offer know that finding a secure job can help them enjoy the state. For many, government jobs offer the perfect answer to this search. Full-time government jobs give people access to a stable income and excellent health care benefits.

Those interested in applying for and getting a government job in Colorado should read on to uncover what they should expect in the process and how they can increase their chances of finding the right position for them.

Government Job Opportunities in Colorado

The types of government jobs available in Colorado can vary widely, depending on your interests and skill sets. For example, some government agencies in Colorado include the:

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • U.S. Department of the Interior
  • Colorado Department of Agriculture
  • Transportation Security Administration
  • Colorado Energy Office
  • United States Postal Service (USPS)

With such an array of agencies throughout the state, there are jobs available for people with diverse capabilities. From investigative skills and law enforcement, to experience with agriculture or energy usage, the positions available come with their own requirements for experience and education.

For example, administrative jobs will have different requirements than highly specialized or supervisory roles. Additionally, some positions might only need a bachelor’s degree, while other career opportunities might seek higher levels of education.

Benefits of Government Jobs

Many people experience a range of benefits from landing a government job. To begin, the numerous opportunities available mean that people with nearly any type of interest can find a position they’d appreciate.

Government jobs can also help you have an impact on your community, state, and even the country. These jobs can help influence policy and allow those interested in the public sector to make a difference in people’s lives.

Government positions also tend to come with a better work-life balance and a stable source of income. Compared to private businesses that can go through restructuring, mergers, or even close altogether, government jobs will always be there. This will likely appeal to people who want a job they know they can rely on for years to come as they enjoy living in Colorado.

How to Apply for a Government Job in Colorado (and Tips to Help You Get Hired)

Although applying for a government job in Colorado can require patience and a competitive edge, it’s actually relatively straightforward. This is especially true for applicants who know what to expect throughout the process. This includes ensuring you have the proper qualifications, particularly in your educational background, and submitting an application that helps you stand out.

We’ll walk you through what you can expect throughout the process — from your first job searches to the interview process — and answer some frequently asked questions (FAQ). This can help you better prepare and know how to put your best foot forward each step of the way.

Review Job Postings

The first step to finding a government job in Colorado revolves around reviewing relevant job postings. When the government agencies operating out of Colorado have a new position open, they post relevant information online, then popular job search websites (like Joblist) find those openings and categorize them.

Joblist specializes in bringing together jobs so those looking for employment opportunities can quickly find the right positions for them. You can sign up on Joblist to see all applicable jobs in your area, such as Lakewood. When you find a job that seems right for you, you can apply immediately or save the application for later. This can be particularly convenient if you find yourself job hunting while on the go.

You can also use Joblist to set alerts that will let you know when more relevant jobs appear online. Rather than trying to remember to run the same job searches day after day, you can use the website’s capabilities to save a search, and you will automatically know when new jobs are posted.

What to Include on Your Resume

There are some key differences between a government job resume and a resume you’d submit in the private sector.

For example, many federal government and Colorado state government resumes are significantly longer than resumes for traditional jobs. These resumes often go into more detail about past work experience and education relevant to the job compared to what you might see on other types of resumes. For example, if the job posting wants to find someone who specializes in information technology (IT) management, you’d want to list and explain all of your relevant IT positions.

As you start to look for Colorado government jobs, you’ll want to keep a few important points in mind:

  • Government jobs tend to receive hundreds (or even thousands) of applications. Therefore, these agencies can afford to be a bit more selective. Generally speaking, resumes that don’t meet the minimum qualifications included in the job description will not even make it past human resources or the Department of Personnel. Before sending your application, make sure you meet the qualifications and clearly demonstrate your eligibility on your resume.
  • Hiring managers or computer programs will want to see certain keywords. You can often find the most important keywords by scanning the job description and noting the type of language used to describe the traits and skills the agency wants to see in applicants. Mirror the language used in the job description in your resume to make the initial cut.
  • Make sure you tailor your resume. It can be exhausting to update your resume every time you prepare to submit a job application, but it remains a critical step. Given the importance that government jobs place on finding people who have the right education and experience, no general resume will do. Instead, review the job posting and update your resume to reflect what that specific job requires.

The Government Job Interview Process

The interview process for a government job differs somewhat from private sector job interviews. First, depending on the type of position you apply for, you might find yourself needing one interview or several. Those interviews might be conducted with a panel of interviewers or just one person. If you get selected for an interview, you’ll receive a notification from the agency about your selection and the interview process.

With government jobs, interviews are more regulated than in the private sector. This means that each application will receive the same questions related to the specific position. Depending on the candidate, the job, and the interviewer, these interviews typically last between 30 and 60 minutes.

During your interview, you’ll encounter a variety of questions about the Colorado government job you’d like to have. Here are some examples of questions you might encounter:

  • Why are you interested in a career with the Colorado government?
  • Why are you interested in our agency?
  • Why did you leave your last job?
  • This job involves interacting regularly with the people of Colorado. How would you manage this responsibility?
  • What has been your greatest achievement so far?
  • What do you think the most challenging part of this job would be?
  • What do you want to accomplish within the first 30 days on the job?

Government Jobs in Colorado Are on Joblist

Those interested in Colorado government jobs will find that Joblist makes it easy to get started. By taking a personalized quiz that helps narrow down your job results based on your experience, skills, and location preferences, you can begin your search for the right position for you.

Don’t put off finding a government job in Colorado any longer! Get started today with Joblist.

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