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Blog/Guides/23 Performance Review Examples and Sample Phrases for All Industries

23 Performance Review Examples and Sample Phrases for All Industries

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  • The importance of performance reviews
  • How the performance review process works
  • Examples of how to articulate feedback constructively to improve employee engagement and success


Performance reviews offer an excellent opportunity for employers and managers to assess their employees and provide feedback regarding their professional development. Businesses should have, at a minimum, an annual performance review, with opportunities to check in face-to-face with employees more regularly.

During the performance review, you can discuss your expectations as an employer. You should also explore areas where individual employees excel and where they have room for improvement.

Performance reviews give employees an improved understanding of where they should focus their efforts and specific guidance on how to improve in their role. They can see the big picture of their team’s performance and their role in its success. This helps enhance the team’s overall success and ensures everyone is on the same page regarding expectations and job performance.

The key to achieving these results lies in understanding how to create a great performance review. We’ll walk through how to get the most out of this opportunity.

Understanding the Performance Review Process

During a performance review, also known as a performance appraisal, each employee should receive an in-depth, thorough examination of their work. This process should look at the key performance metrics that measure the individual’s performance and feedback regarding their day-to-day work habits and responsibilities within the team.

Providing team members with praise regarding what they do well, in additon to constructive feedback on how to improve can motivate each employee to keep growing professionally.

During the performance review process, you’ll want to make sure you hit a few key steps:

  • Review the employee’s responsibilities and tasks. Walk through the job description from human resources (HR) and the tasks each employee is responsible for completing. Establish a baseline to ensure you both fully understand the role of the employee.
  • Evaluate key performance metrics. Next, look at the measurable performance numbers the employee has put forth for their responsibilities. For example, look at benchmarks, sales numbers, customer service ratings, or other metrics that apply to this employee’s position.
  • Provide both positive and constructive feedback. Let the employee know where they perform well and highlight areas where they should continue their efforts. Similarly, offer constructive criticism that lets them know where improvement is needed and, more importantly, what they need to do to meet business goals.
  • Work with them to set goals that are achievable and offer training opportunities. Toward the end of the review, work with the employee to set realistic goals that they can reach in a timely manner. Offering training opportunities with these goals can provide support, help them learn new skills, and prepare them to meet their goals.
  • Receive feedback from the employee. Ask the employee for their feedback regarding their performance and where they think they can improve. This self-evaluation portion can help open communication between you and the employee.

23 Performance Review Sample Phrases

In addition to the steps outlined above, an effective performance review should include phrases that improve communication and articulate your thoughts clearly. These performance review phrases will help highlight the employee’s competencies and provide constructive feedback, offering value to everyone.

Here are some specific examples of helpful phrases that you can incorporate in your performance evaluations.

Communication Skills

Communication plays a vital role in business success. It ensures that everyone understands their roles and what’s expected of them. It improves the ability of groups to apply problem-solving skills when obstacles arise, prevents gaps in projects, and creates a space where people can ask questions. A good communicator also builds employee engagement and can improve each employee’s performance through clear instructions and expectations.

Some phrases a performance review might include are:

  • “Frequently shares helpful comments and insights during team meetings”
  • “Clearly articulates ideas with clients and colleagues”
  • “Does an excellent job of breaking down difficult issues and obstacles to help the team find the source of the problem”


Effective teamwork makes it easier for groups to accomplish common goals. Rather than working as individuals, the members of a team work together. In any professional setting, good teamwork means that employees understand how their tasks fit within the wider project and how the collective group progresses toward the endpoint.

Some phrases a performance review might include are:

  • “Works as a team player and collaborates well with others on the team”
  • “Encourages team members throughout the project and helps everyone hit their deadlines”
  • “Demonstrates excellent organizational skills that ensure team activities progress smoothly”

Responds Well to Feedback

Team members also need to understand that the feedback they receive can help them grow as professionals and reach their goals. Learning how to accept and incorporate feedback into their work can help employees improve in their jobs.

Some phrases a performance review might include are:

  • “Easily accepts feedback from team managers regarding performance and tries to incorporate the ideas into their work efforts”
  • “Proactively seeks feedback on deliverables at appropriate times, demonstrating an eagerness to perform well”
  • “Takes responsibility for results produced and shows initiative to improve”


Productivity refers to the ability of team members to work efficiently and produce the deliverables for which they’re responsible. Productive workers minimize wasted time, focusing on the task at hand and dedicating themselves to reaching their individual and team goals. The employee review should call to mind how the manager perceives the worker’s productivity.

Some phrases a performance review might include are:

  • “Consistently produces high-quality work that contributes to excellent final deliverables”
  • “Shows excellent time management skills in their work”
  • “Regularly strives to meet personal and team goals in their work”


Strong leaders inspire others to do their jobs well and demonstrate excellent decision-making skills. A good leader in the workplace can encourage others to remain on task and reach their goals. They help keep the team motivated and focused. Leaders also know how to utilize the strengths of their group and help them work toward common goals.

Some phrases a performance review might include are:

  • “Establishes project priorities and tasks well, according to team strengths”
  • “Takes on additional responsibilities if needed to help the team thrive”
  • “Helps all members of the team feel as though they have worthwhile contributions to the organization”
  • “Creates a supportive employee environment and properly motivates team members to produce excellent results”


In every industry, employees have to be adaptable. Understanding how to adjust when obstacles arise or when something doesn’t go according to plan plays an important role in the success of a team. Performance reviews should explore the ability of employees to adjust their work tasks, change their strategies, and brainstorm with their teammates to find solutions when problems arise.

Some phrases a performance review might include are:

  • “Maintains a positive attitude and responds well to changes that arise over the course of projects”
  • “Is willing to adjust schedules and strategies if the need arises”
  • “Demonstrates dedication to brainstorming solutions and adjusting the team’s course to overcome obstacles”


Businesses also need to balance making sure employees don’t come to work ill while ensuring team members don’t take vacations at critical points in the workflow. Watching people’s attendance can provide some insight into employee dedication and the effort they put forth. Attendance tracking also explores the employee’s punctuality and if they are ready to begin working at the start of the day.

Some phrases a performance review might include are:

  • “Consistently arrives early enough so they are ready to begin work when the day starts”
  • “Communicates an understanding of the project workflow by scheduling paid time off during the least disruptive times”
  • “Begins each day ready and motivated to accomplish the day’s tasks”
  • “Demonstrates dependability to colleagues with their motivation to begin projects and tasks on time”

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